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How to gain confidence in just two minutes

Whether you are about to perform a speech, be interviewed for a job, make a pitching, or you are about to meet people important, one is the feature you really want to have: Confidence.

But how, in stressful situations when the time you have for responding is limited, can you  gain confidence?

“Faking” body postures associated with dominance and power (“power posing”) – even for as little as two minutes — increases people’s testosterone, decreases their cortisol, increases their appetite for risk, and causes them to perform better in job interviews, as  Amy Caddy has shown with her research.  
You can watch her explain what you can do to gain confident using Power Posing, in her talk in the PopTech Annual Conference in 2011, where she received the “Talk of the Day“ award.

 John Antasouras

Amy Caddy is an American social psychologist known for her research on stereotyping and discrimination, emotions, power, nonverbal behavior, and the effects of social stimuli on hormone levels. 

Amy grew up in a small Pennsylvania town and is a classically trained ballet dancer. When she was a sophomore in college she sustained a serious head injury in a car accident. Her doctors told her she was not likely to fully recover and should anticipate significant challenges finishing her undergraduate degree. Her IQ fell temporarily by two standard deviations. She eventually completed her undergraduate studies and went on to earn a PhD at Princeton. She has often tweeted of her love for live music, and spent a number of seasons following the Grateful Dead. She has one son.