Glyfada Toastmasters

Do you communicate effectively?

Have you ever felt the need to express your feelings or your ideas effectively?

Are you the best in what you do, but you are not receiving the recognition you deserve?

Do you feel it is time to do something about it?

Either in our work or our personal life, effective communication and leadership skills can make a great difference.

Those are skills we all have in some degree, and we all can improve. 

Toastmasters program can help you do this in a unique way, as it adopts a “learn-by-doing” philosophy, wherein each member learns at a pace suitable to his or her developmental needs.

Furthermore, in our club you can find the friendly and supporting environment to develop those skills and gain the confidence you want. The same skills and confidence we needed to develop when we joined the club. The skills and confidence we, the members, are still developing, as we now recognize even more their value and the positive impact they have in our lives.

And there are many aspects of our lives that could improve if for example we could express our thoughts at the right time with their precise meaning, or understand what the person standing in front of us really want to tell us.

In Toastmasters we learn to speak in public but we also learn how to effectively listen to the speaker too. We learn how to write a good speech but we also learn how to evaluate effectively what we hear. We learn how to participate and provide support but we also learn how to become competent leaders

Each and every one of us is a source of ingenuity and endless opportunities. We carry a world of our own. A remarkable and important world that everyone would be interested to interact with, should we be able to communicate it to them.   

Toastmasters can help you communicate effectively. 

Visit us in our next meeting. We would be excited to meet you and introduce you to the Toastmasters experience.

John Antasouras
Sergeant at Arms
Glyfada Toastmasters