Glyfada Toastmasters

To a Successful Year 2015/2016

To a Successful Year 2015/2016!

JULY 2015

Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

I believe that we all agree that 2014/2015 has been a remarkable year at Glyfada Toastmasters Club!
I take this opportunity to thank you all for what has been a fabulous year!

Particularly I will like to thank our outgoing committee – Fotini, Anna, Eliza, Eley, Alexandra and John – and all the club members who have provided support to the committee during the year.

I am in the pleasant position to announce that we have done it!
Glyfada Toastmasters Club is President’s Distinguished Club for 2014/15!
We set out our goals at the start of the year.

Congratulations to each and every one of you who have contributed to this significant achievement – the first time in the club’s history.

In July I have handed the club over to our new President Eliza Tsolakou and her new committee:
VP of Education: Eley Yuan
VP of Membership: Nick Andriopoulos
VP of Public Relations: Theo Seitanidis
Secretary: Foteini Mylara
Treasurer: Alexandra Papageorgiou
Sergeant at Arms: Anna Fatovich

We gladly give them our support and best wishes for all the best!

And on that, let’s start the year on the right note with forthcoming events

Our next Regular meeting is on Monday, September 28, 2015 please sign up for roles by emailing VPE Eley.

Best wishes,
Metaxia Kritsidima
Immediate Past President,
Glyfada Toastmasters Club


Short Intros

Eliza Tsolakou – President
Eliza studied Marketing Management in the American College of Greece and holds an MBA degree from ALBA Graduate Business School. She developed her career in marketing in various multinational companies until she was drawn in the advertising and event management business. Eliza enjoys photography, interior design, sea travelling, food, wine and being with friends.
Eley Yuan – Vice President of Education
vp-edu@glyfadatoastmasters.grEley is the co-founder of Meet Culture. Meet culture is an organisation, which is focusing on the cultural exchange between Greece and China. She is also a Chinese traditional instruments performer and teaches Guqin and Guzheng. She loves culture and fell in love with Greece, which made her into a Chinese travel blogger that mainly writes about Greece. She’s also enjoying tea preparation, salsa dance and meeting interesting people.
Nick Andriopoulos – Vice President of Membership & Webmaster

Nick is a full time web engineer for the last decade, with a wide range of experience across multiple technology sectors; a self-proclaimed maker of “Things That Work (TM)”. He also enjoys tinkering with home made electronics, playing the bass guitar, and tango dancing.
Theo Seitanidis – Vice President of Public Relations
vp-pr@glyfadatoastmasters.grTheo studied various disciplines, ranging from Computer Engineering up to Marketing and Psychology. Currently establishing at IT peripherals distribution and having a keen interest in machine and person interaction. He is a member of Glyfada Toastmasters Club for the past seven months and enjoys cooking, wine, and always eager to find good excuses for traveling.
Foteini Mylara – Secretary
secretary@glyfadatoastmasters.grFoteini, born in Athens, has studied Economics in National Kapodestrian University of Athens and Management Business Administration in Hellenic American University. She is accountant in a shipping-drilling company while she loves dancing and travelling. The last four years, she is a member of Glyfada Toastmasters Club.
Alexandra Papageorgiou – Treasurer
treasurer@glyfadatoastmasters.grAlexandra has been a Toastmaster for almost 4 years. She has been part of the Toastmasters Officers Body for the last 3 years covering positions of the VP of Education, President and Treasurer. Alexandra is a Sales consultant for the educational organisation Cambridge University Press based in Athens. She loves nature and likes to spend time with animals. She also enjoys good food and Greek wine varieties with good friends.
Anna Fatovich – Sergeant at Arms
sergeant@glyfadatoastmasters.grAnna is an Australian artist and illustrator, running her own small arts business from her studio in Athens. Her work covers a range of fields, including painting, graphics, screen printing and jewellery making. When not making things, she likes looking at things other people made in museums and galleries, looking at things that grow on mountainsides and appreciating the fine craftsmanship of chocolate.

You may as well contact all Officers directly by sending an email to